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Leonard Müller

Leonard Müller descended from a family, where skilfulness has tradition. Thus his father received a certificate "golden hands" (in German: Goldene Hände), which was rarely awarded in the UdSSR, for his recognition in the woodcraft work.

Unlike his father, Leonard Müller has specialised himself on designing violins right from the beginning. He got his master certificate in Moldova in 1987. Since 1997 he has been self-employed as a master in violin making in Minden. Here he also passes his skills on to his son, who works as a violin maker in the workshop.

Viktor Müller

Viktor, the oldest son of the violin making master Leonard Müller, learned the occupation to the violin maker in the workshop of his father in the years from 1998 to 2001. After he has passed his journeyman's examination successfully, he leads together with his father the company.

Verkaufstresen im Geschäft der Geigenbau Meisterwerkstatt Leonard und Viktor Müller in Minden


Our wide range of our own production includes:

  • first-class instruments for students
  • Orchestra and soloist‘s instruments (violins, violas and cellos)
  • Special design in accordance with the individual wishes and specified needs of the player

  • The pursuit of the old Italian sound prompted us always to lookout for new "instrument acquaintances". Thus we get to know a huge number of valuable Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, Guadagnini, Landolfi-, Pressenda-and Gaglianoinstruments. However, not by classical copying one reaches the desired sound, but by accepting and recognising the ways of thinking and work methods of these old masters. Many musicians helped us to follow this path together. We continually strive to implement the desired sound ideas of the musician to manufacture his own instrument. Important criteria such as easy responsiveness, balance and character in tone, offer all of our instruments. What type of basic sound the instrument should have, we develop together with the musicians. Thus everybody can acquire his desirable instrument from us.

    In our shop we offer good possibilities of playing and afford extensive trying of our instruments.

    Our workshop offer includes beside new string instruments also their repair and restoration. A wide range of accessories such as cases, covers, strings, colophony and bows for the instruments are available.


    Feel free to ask us any questions concerning string instruments.

    Read more about the manufacturing of our instruments on service / new instruments and products

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