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From small cosmetic flaws to serious defects of your instrument or questions to accessories, with knowledge and tools, with experience and commitment, our workshop will offer you professional help for any problems.
We give an expert advice about used instruments and advice you about necessary repairs.
If your instrument needs minor repairs we could manage that immediately, so that you don't need to travel back and forth. In this case it would be comfortable when you give us a ring and make an appointment.

  • Restoration of all stringed instruments and bows

  • Individual tonal adjustments of instruments

  • Repair and re-hair of bows

  • Execution of all maintenance work (sound post, bridge, tuning pegs, retouching of the lacquer, etc.)

  • Maintenance work will be carried out with utmost care

  • Repair of all types of damages to violins, violas, violoncellos and basses

  • Repair times are kept as short as possible

  • We guarantee professional execution of repairs and restorations

  • Whether for professional or amateur musicians, all work will be carried out by us with painstaking care



Wirbel spitzen

You will find all your needed accessories, from a tune tool to a
case, in our large collection.

We offer an expert opinion, for example, if you are looking for
tonal advantageous strings.

We also have bows in different
price categories.

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