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Maintenance information

Stringed instruments

A stringed instrument does not need an extensive and costly care!
The best care is to wipe the instrument after the play with a dry duster, in order to prevent that later no viscous colophony dust can deposit at all.

It should be avoided that instruments lie or stand in a dark corner or on the cupboard, as well as beside the heating. The storage in a safe, bright place or in a case, or suitcase is advisable.

If cracks or other damages occur, we ask you to get in contact with us as quickly as possible. A good advice about further proceedings is free and saves often costly repairs.


Bows care

We recommend to re-hair a bow after approximately 6 months. You perhaps noticed that your bow lost some hairs after approx. 6 months of regular playing. Although your bow then still has many hairs, but these are usually worn, overstretched and stuck together by the use of colophony.

Through the recording of the bow, tiny hooks of the hair are worn out. They are substantially responsible for the vibrating of the strings on your instrument. Regular re-hair protects your bow to continue to deform and to maintain the resilience, moreover you can save expensive repairs of your bow.


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