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New instruments

It is an old rumour that an old violin should be better than an new one. However, their age is not a guarantee for the quality for the tone. Even the best violins lose their original sound when they have often been repaired or a certain age is exceeded. That is why a new violin, hand-crafted by a master, often sounds better than an old one.


Following up to an approved tradition, we produce each instrument individually. Comprehensive studies of the design of Italian master instruments and knowledge obtained through experience are important foundations of our work.

Our Italian violin copies are characterized by particularly strong, powerful sound in the depth and richness of overtones.

What is very enthusiastic about the old Italian violins, is the lacquer. Since the lacquer is of utmost importance for the sound, we spent a lot of time to develop a lacquer, which comes very close to the lacquer of the Italian master. Our violins are harmonious in tone and easy in response.

Building a master violin is an accumulation of many small steps, each carried out with the greatest care. Our instruments are made exclusively of long-seasoned, air-dried spruce und maple.

In order to guarantee easy responsiveness and handling of our instruments, precise observance of the physical relationships between its components is necessary.

Sensibility in wood crafting and long experience is essential in the creation of harmonious instruments in white. At the final step, the varnishing, we use our own developed lacquer.


The quality is our highest priority for our workshop. Thus, components such as tuning pegs, tailpin, bridge and tailpiece are generally from leading brand companies. Of cours we also use high-quality precious woods, ebony, boxwood, palisander, palo azul and snakewood, decorated with mother-of-pearl, wooden- and gold fittings.


On our product pages at violins, violas as well as violoncello you can have a look at instruments of our workshop.

All instruments are tuned for optimal set harmony, highest quality in sound and play, before they leave our workshop. We provide special design, individual modifications of the strings, the neck or the bridge on request.

Special design

A special output of the workshop are items which are made according to customers wishes, e.g.:

    • violas with a short scale

    • 7/8-violins which are smaller and easier to grasp and come close to the tone of the 4/4-violins

    • Violins for left - handed persons

    • lion head

    • double purfling

The lacquer    

The three main functions of the lacquer are:

  • Protection against dirt and atmospheric conditions
  • Increasing of the sound capability
  • Accentuation the grain of the wood

The lacquer has a great influence on the sound. Due to soft lacquer and insufficient ground coat of the wood, there is a risk of great attenuation of sound. Too hard and brittle lacquer causes shrill and penetrating sound. On the one hand a good instrument can be spoiled by a bad lacquer. And on the other hand a badly built instrument can never be a master instrument by a good lacquer.

The materials used for lacquer are exclusively natural products. The pore filler, for example, consists of propolis, a product of the bee. The solvents are made of natural essential oils.

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