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The violin is a bowed instrument made from different types of wood. Their four strings are drawn by a bow. In the tradition of the European classical music the violin plays an important role. Many composer dedicated her an important part in their works.

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Class of instruments & Price

Soloist violin


Comparable with master violins but stronger in sound because of the new development of curvature and form. In addition soloist violins have a very short playing-in-time. A specific characteristic of these violins is the very beautiful (lost for a long time and now rediscovered) original italian Cremona lacquer. Due to the new lacquer the sound of the soloist instrument emerges as a warm, soft and nevertheless very strong tone!

We offer Violins, Violas and also Celli in this category.

8.000 – 15.000 €

Master violin


Individual production of masterly hand-crafted instruments. Best old, seasoned wood combined with spruce from the high mountains. Harmonical in sound and easy response. Excellently suitable for orchestra musicians and for soloists.

3.000 – 8.000 €

Concert violin


Well flamed maple, spruce top, hand-varnished with spirit lacquer, ebony or rosewood fittings.

800 – 2.000 €

Student violin

Flamed maple, spruce top, hand-varnished with spirit lacquer, ebony fittings.

4/4-Violins: 450 €
3/4-Violins: 400 €
1/2-Violins: 350 €

smaller sizes on request.

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