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The violoncello is a bowed instrument made from different types of wood. Although similar in shape to the violin, it is more than twice the size and the ribs are in proportion to the scale much higher.
The violoncello will be played, with a bow, resting on the ground on an adjustable spike of metal, wood or carbon fiber lately, being held in place lightly between the knees.

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Class of instruments & Price

Soloist violoncello


Comparable with master violins but stronger in sound because of the new development of curvature and form. In addition soloist violins have a very short playing-in-time. A specific characteristic of these violins is the very beautiful (lost for a long time and now rediscovered) original italian Cremona lacquer. Due to the new lacquer the sound of the soloist instrument emerges as a warm, soft and nevertheless very strong tone!

We offer Violins, Violas and also Celli in this category.

8.000 – 20.000 €

Master violoncello


Individual production of masterly hand-crafted instruments. Best old, seasoned wood combined with spruce from the high mountains. Harmonical in sound and easy response. Excellently suitable for orchestra musicians and for soloists.

4.000 – 8.000 €

Concert violoncello


Well flamed maple, spruce top, hand-varnished with spirit lacquer, ebony or rosewood fittings.

2.000 – 4.000 €

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